Giving thanks….for memories being made.


Everyone on Facebook posted what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving. I didn’t. This time I wanted to just read and respond later.This time around, I wanted to remember what  Thanksgiving’s of my past were like, because frankly, I miss them.

While living at home with my mother, father, and older sister, all our Thanksgiving’s were held in our home with just us. No crowds of family coming over– it was just us. My sister and I set the table, my mother and grandmother made the dinner– while my father reported football scores from the living room. Cold duck was the drink of choice with dinner–though I always had a glass of juice near my setting. We didn’t leave to go shopping that night. No Christmas tree was up yet. It was simple then. You gave thanks, ate, napped, and watched football.

Here it is 2013. I have no family home to travel to. No mother, father or grandmother to eat with. My sister and I have our own families now. While eating this year, I had oxygen on from the result of a nasty case of pneumonia I am still recovering from.  My husband sat across from me, my step daughters on either side of us, while behind me my step grandsons were playing and watching TV. Loudly. Our small apartment smelled of turkey and we devoured it and all the fixings within minutes.

We were missing a few guests. My stepson had to work and it was my daughters turn to be with her father and his family in New York. My husband’s parents were snowed in their hometown. Our group was still large–kept us busy talking as we visited. The girls were discussing Black Friday sales, the kids about their Christmas lists for Santa. I just watched and listened. I refused to go shopping, let alone leave the house. I was quite content with my day, even while the oxygen flowed into me from the black machine in the living room– I was OK with my holiday. I was thankful for the moment. It was a memory made.

We need more memories of NOW to be made, so  we  can be thankful for them again as we are of those from our past.

I will never forget the Thanksgiving’s of my past and those that made them with me. I hope the ones I am making now will be just as cherished. Keep yours coming and never forget them either.

By the way, the team I root for won their game.

Sully said it here.

Have a day.


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